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Squash- Summer Squash- Pepo- Vining

Vining Zucchini

CV- Long Black Trailing (vining)

This is an English Marrow;  large, heavy, generally dark green squash which can be harvested young such as zucchini or allowed to mature more and baked in the tradition of a marrow at which time fruit is greenish black.  (This selection does not have the stripes that Long Green Trailing has. Rampant vines prefer rich soil and good growing conditions. Pkt. (10 seeds)

BLEND/F1, F2 CROSSES-Trailing Summer Squash Crosses (vining)

This is a vining summer squash mixture that will produce different shapes and sizes and some increased variation in color and productivity. Includes Long Green Trailing and Table Dainty F1 and F2 crosses with a number of other summer squash mostly with bush habit such as Black Beauty Zucchini.  These are experimental hand crosses. Shades of green mostly. F1 generation of some vining crosses will be bush since vining in this group is largely a recessive character.  F2 generation should produce considerable variation  including many viners. We expect to develop a new generation of vining zucchini that have superior qualities to the parents. Pkt.  (20 seeds)

CV- Table Dainty Squash (vining)

An English Marrow, smaller green and white striped, smooth, cylindric fruits on vigorous vines.  Harvest young like zucchini, bake with olive oil, cheese and bread crumbs while the skin is tender. Pkt. (10 seeds).

CROSS-OSU 19 x Table Dainty F1 (vining)

Both rampant vining squash. OSU 19 imparts an interesting sweetness, ribbing and greater productivity to a summer squash. You may find it suitable for your breeding project. Pkt. (10 seeds)

MiX CROSS F2- Summer Pumpkins

Interesting semi-vining pumpkin and a very fine summer squash, firm and nutty, with a great opportunity for large slices for grilling, stuffing and other culinary use.  It is an F2 of acorn/zucchini crosses which means, expect diversity.  Ripens to a small pumpkin with good storage qualities and ornamental potential.  There is a Dark Green (Green Zucchini x Acorn) kind and a Light Green (White Zucchini x Acorn) kind in this mix. Pkt.  (10 seeds)

CV- Tatume Summer Squash (vining)

Slightly oval green medium sized pumpkin-like squash (turns orange and pumpkin like at maturity) is harvested young and it prepared as any summer squash.  Many prefer Tatume over conventional zucchini.  Makes large 5" diameter slices for grilling.  This is a summer squash developed for Mexican farmers which was popular in the southwest before commercial sources stopped marketing it in the U.S.  Tatume is of interest because it is more tolerant of drought, heat, insects and disease.  Small vines root at each node tapping limited resources. Pkt. (10 seeds)

Blend F2 -Tatume Crosses (vining)

We made crosses with Tatume as one parent and and several bush zucchini summer squash are the other parent; Tatume x (Caserta, Dark Green, Bianca, Yellow and others) and then selfed the F1's.    Expect quite a bit of variation and the potential to develop the ultimate disease, insect and drought resisant zucchini.  Tatume is acclaimed for it's resiliant nature which makes it a nice squash for organic systems.  F1's had long zucchini shapes, nice colors and patterns and bush habit but should segregate to produce Tatume-like ovals as well as vine characteristics in this F2 mix.  Remember, this is an F2 and you can expect a lot of variation.  We are quite excited about the potential of this mix. See mature squash below. Pkt. (20 seeds)

Tatume Separates:

Bianco White Zucchini x Tatume-

Tatume x Various Vining Zucchini-

Tatume x Little Gem

Tatume x Round Yellow Zucchini

Dark Green Zucchini x Tatume-

Tatume x Romanesco-

All the Separate selections above

Pkt. (10 seeds)

CV:  Little Gem- (vining)

Small dark green tennis ball sized summer squash which stay green at maturity and have slight orange interiors.  Pkt. (10 seeds)  


F2 CROSS- Mixed Little Gem Cross (vining)

A nice flavorful and productive summer squash bigger than Gem and combining the best of several frugal squash varieties like Tatume and the Heirloom squash, “Lemon”.  An interesting development. The young squash are fine as summer squash and can be baked when they mature like gourds; however, it is not a sweet squash. Pkt. (15 seeds)


Other Summer Cucurbits:



BLEND-Summer Moschata Mix

In Asia, Europe and South America these moschata squash were selected for eating at their tender immature stages.  Tromboncino is an example of a long fruited kind.  Ours produce small fruits.  Prepare them as any summer squash.  Less "watery", nutty and sweeter than zucchini.  These are vining plants. Summer Moschata types will mature into butternut or calabazza type squash in a variety of shapes (long, round, bell) and color patterns (tans and mottled greens mostly) which are in same genus and can be used as a winter squash. What a gene pool this is!  Enjoy.  Pkt. (20 seeds)

Edible Luffa  (Luffa cilindrica) aka Sin Qua or Chinese Okra

Blend- Edible Luffa

While the very young fruit can be sliced and added to salads where it gives a mild cucumber-like flavor, the fruit is esteemed in stir fry and in sauces because it has the ability to soak up the flavors and add texture. It is also batter dipped and fried.  It is an interesting, easy to use edible squash.  The kinds that I prefer have been developed for culinary use and are sweet or mild, non-bitter kinds.  They are always eaten when young (before they reach 6" long) and while they are firm and solid because the older fruit develop fibrous interiors and a tough skin.  Yellow flowers. Pkt. (20 seeds)


Edible Gourds:  Lagenaria siceraria

Blend- Edible Gourd

We have developed a collection of some of the best edible lagenaria squash by collecting varieties being developed by breeders in India and China. We're still evaluating them, but we have found some to be surprisingly early and productive.  Sometimes called Opu in India, it is a rampant climber that will sprawl across your yard if not provided with a trellis.  We include the common edible Cucuzzi or “snake” gourd often grown in Italian gardens as well as small Japanese kinds. White night blooming flowers. Pkt. (20 seeds)

CV- Early Short Select

This is our favorite kind of Lagenaria squash for summer eating.  It is the earliest in maturity here at Flanders Bay Farm and we enjoy the flavor of the very attractive smaller fruits.  Pkt. (10 seeds)


more information on lagenaria edible gourds:

ACHOCHA SQUASH (Cyclanthera pedata)

Cyclanthera pedata

CV: Achocha aka Caigua

rampant vining plants produce clusters of small flowers, fruit toward end of summer into the fall, when 2-3" tender and tasty raw like green beans or dip in a tempura batter and deep fry. When 6-7" remove seeds and steam to soften then bread and fry like eggplant; or stuff with meat, rice, cheese and steam like tamale or simmer in a tomato sauce like stuffed peppers. It's all in knowing how to prepare this healthful fruit! Needs a long season. Andean origin, Peru; revered by Moche culture.  Seed crop produced on Flanders Bay Farm (New York). Pkt. (10 seeds)


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