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TOMATOES (Lycopersicon esculentum)


Very large fruited kinds, beefsteak types and flavorful heirlooms

BLEND-Large Beefsteak Types Mixed

A blend of large fruited tomatoes, mostly heirloom kinds acclaimed for great flavor. More than a dozen different kinds and a complete range in color: purple-browns, pinks, reds, greens, yellows, orange, mottled and striped. Yes, Brandywine and Ruby Gold selections are included.  We continue to produced small batches of tomato seed using fermentation followed by a dilute chlorox bath to produce clean seed at Flanders Bay Farm as we have for over 30 years. Pkt. (30 seeds)


Tomatoes- Main Crop Standards (Featured for 2010)

Main Crop Standards-yellow, orange, red and pink, 2-3" round. Great all-purpose medium sized slicing tomatoes.  We grow separate patches of red, pink and golden fruited tomatoes and select each color type so that you can enjoy a long harvest of smooth, round fruit.  Yes, there will be variation and that will allow you a greater chance to discover the tomato that performs best in your garden and has the qualities that you want.  Save the seed of your best performers.  Indeterminate for caging or ground culture.


BLEND: Main Crop Standard Mix

Medium size to large slicers, mostly indeterminate and semi-determinate plants which are very productive.  Yellows, Oranges, Reds, Pinks and Crimsons are blended together. These days, we work quite a bit to improve production and flavor in this tried and true group of favorites.  Some of these are the results of dehybridization and crosses.  This has become one of our favorite projects as we grow beds of each color to select our best performers from.  Pkt. (30 seeds)

Main Crop Standards:

BLEND: Gold Standards

BLEND: Red Standards

BLEND: Pink Standards

Each of the above Pkt. (20 seeds)

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BLEND: Zebra Mix

A mix of two favorite modern tomatoes, Tom Wagner's Green Zebra and Thompson and Morgan's Tigerella (Mr. Stripey).  No, they're not heirlooms but they are great salad tomatoes, about 2-3 inches in size;   tangy, flavorful and appealing. Breeder, Tom Wagner who developed "Green Zebra" in the 1980's calls these kinds of tomatoes "Heirlooms by Descent (ABD's), Tom writes on his blog on breeding,"tater-mater" ,“Heirloom by Descent” is my way of saying, I have a great respect for the varieties of yesteryear, be it tomatoes or potatoes in my case; however, I am asking for your understanding, yea, encouragement for taking our heritage to the next level of treasured living things: Seeds of descendancies!" Green Zebra has certainly become one of America's most favorite tomatoes and Tom should feel a great satisfaction for that. We urge you to visit his website and support his work. Pkt. (30 seeds)

CV:  Raymond's Canada Extra Early

A small tomato on a compact determinate normal leaf plant, sort of like Sub Arctic Maxi but earlier to fruit, larger fruit, better tasting, more productive over a longer period and resistant to early blight.  We received this unnamed tomato from collector Raymond Traitt from Montreal, Canada.  Raymond was a retired postal worker who lived in an apartment.  While he didn't have room to grow the tomatoes, he embarked on a personal crusade to rescue a large number of Canadian bred varieties when he saw the need. Pkt. (20 seeds)


BLEND- Dwarf Champion Mix (photo: upper left)

This mix of three or four different kinds will produce small mostly 1 1/2- 2 inch salad tomatoes in red, orange, pink and green colors.  A yellow kind was added this year thanks to Lieven David who had seed of the old Shumway variety Golden Bush Champion.  This group includes the "Stakeless or Champion Types" popular in the late 1800's and now known as “Patio” type tomatoes.  The plants have thick main stems, dark green rugose foliage and will grow to about 20" or so.  Good for patio or tub culture, we think a stake is in order to keep the plants which become loaded with tomatoes from tipping over.  Look for oddities in color and fruit shape since these are known outcrossers which we encourage. Pkt. (20 seeds)

  SELECTION- Red Bullet (photo: upper right)

An outcross selected and named by Bill Jeffers from Dwarf Champion Mix.  Bill sent us some seed which we grew out and found that the fruit is variable from distinct cone-shape to oval.  One of the "ramblings" has a photo that shows the characteristic foliage of Dwarf Patio Tomatoes.  Red Bullet is one of the most prolific bearers.  They began producing in July and were still going in October.  That is quite unusual for this kind of tomato. Without Bill's sharp eye, this novel trait could have been lost. Pkt. (10 seeds)

Late Blight affected many gardeners last summer; if you were affected read this.  Some farmers had their tomato crop “wiped out”; a very good reason for diversifying their plantings:



Saladette or Cluster Types

BLEND- Cluster Tomatoes Mixed (photos above)

These are small  2 inch tomatoes in yellow, orange and red colors borne in clusters or trusses of several fruit that ripen the same time.  All F2 and F3 hybrid indeterminates on the road to open pollinated, field strains.  These are beauties that will require little effort to stabilize. Pkt. (30 seeds)

CV: Nicholson Cherry (photo below)

In a year when many tomato varieties performed poorly, this little yellow “two bite” tomato from Alan Bishop’s collection was a stellar performer and was well liked for it’s mild, fresh tomato taste. Pkt. (20 seeds)


Larger Plum or Pear Types, Sauces and Canning

BLEND-Indeterminate Italian Plum Mixed

A terrific assortment of larger plum tomatoes, 2-3" or bigger, solid, fleshy, very flavorful mostly red but some odd colors, striped, etc., (stake or cage if necessary), usually very productive, for fresh sauces, salads and fresh use mostly, very diverse. Includes several family heirlooms. Just add a sprig of basic, sea salt and drizzle with olive oil. Pkt. (30 seeds)


Cherry and Cherry-Plum Types

BLEND- Miniature Tomatoes Mixed

Many different kinds, round, oval, plums and pears, many colors and flavors, a very diverse blend of small cocktail tomatoes from 1/4" to 1". There are dozens of varieties here. Usually very productive, mostly indeterminate growth. This year we have added contributions from Alan Bishop who farms in Indiana and has a collection of over 100 kinds of cherry tomatoes which he has contributed to the diversity of this mix. Pkt. (30 seeds)

  SELECTIONS:  Miniature Sweet Tomatoes (Featured for 2010)

Sweet cherry and grape tomato hybrids on their way to becoming stabilized.  Sweetest of the small round cherry and grape/plum kinds represents progress toward sustainable non hybrid high brix tomato.  Various colors; mostly reds, some yellows and a few pink.  Sprawling vines can be caged or staked. These tomatoes are resilient to early and late blight disease. These are very easy and fun to grow and kids love them.  Why buy expensive hybrid seed? Pkt. (30 seeds)

CV-Me Tarzan

Belgium breeder, Lieven David's new cherry tomato (Sungold f1 x Juliet f1) x (Sungold f1 & Black Cherry). Lieven selected the parents for their vigor & taste. He writes, " their offspring makes huge plants that keep cranking out sweet fruity cherries in different sizes; red & orange (orange is surprisingly dominant); I've been selecting seedlings for … leaf fragrance! If they have that fruit-like foliage, like the parent Sungold f1, it seems to go together with fruit taste." These are "breeder" seeds from Lieven David. Lieven is accomplishing some very exciting breeding work. You can read about his work on increasing the genetic diversity of the vegetables we eat, by visiting his site where he takes you on tour of his "De Lustof (Garden of Eden) " Pkt. (20 seeds)

Selection: Weiss Potato Leaf Yellow Cherry

This is a restrained indeterminate that produces little gold tomatoes with a refreshing, fruity flavor.  From the collection of Long Island tomato enthusiast George Weiss. Pkt. (20 seeds)

BLEND:  Mini Plum Tomato Mix

Small 1" oval red, yellow and pink for sauces and salads, consistent shape and size so that they match well. Today, these would be called grape tomatoes but these don't have the super sweet flavor of the modern grape tomatoes.  Sprawling vines.  Pkt. (30 seeds)

Blend-Dwarf Patio Type Tomato Blend-Small Fruit

Small red, yellow, orange and pink cherry tomatoes on very dwarf branching plants usually less than 12 inches tall, stocky stem, dark rugose foliage, possible basket or tub culture specimen. Because we used to work with these extensively and maintain a large collection they are sometimes known by collectors as the “Long Island Dwarfs”.  The rebred “Yellow Candle”; not as long as the original but on a very compact plant is here too. Pkt. (30 seeds)

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Currant and Currant Crosses (Lycopersicon pimpinellifolium)

  HEIRLOOM- Alberto's Currant

This is one of the true currant tomatoes, the world's smallest tomato. Pea sized. More primitive than others, it's fruit shatters and falls to the ground when ripe or near ripe. Crunchy in salads imparts a great texture but not sweet or flavorful. We are developing harvest techniques that take advantage of the shattering characteristic since currant tomatoes are tedious to harvest. Pkt. (10 seeds)

  BLEND- Mexi Pear Mix aka Mini Pear

Very small pear shaped fruit in red and yellow, interesting currant x salad pear tomato cross from Mexico, pronounced neck and much smaller than other common little pear tomatoes.  Great in salads, hearty flavor, crisp and crunchy. Pkt. (30 seeds)

  BLEND-  Currant Crosses: All Colors

A mixture of yellow, orange, near white, pink and red currant types that are small cherry size (less than a half inch and smaller).  Crunchy, variable in flavor, all good salad types, some outstanding. Many of these originate as bee crosses at Flanders bay Farm.  Pkt. (30 seeds)

  BLEND-  Most Excellent Red and Yellow Currant

A mix of our finest sweet yellow and sweet red currants.  These have current genetics but are not pure currant tomatoes.  Nice flavorful kinds that are included in the Currant Crosses Mix above.  These wonderful tomatoes are from Bryan Connolly who brought them for a tomato tasting at a NOFA workshop held at Flanders Bay Farm.  The red one included in this mix is the “Hawaiian” strain of the red currant.  These are very resislient to disease, insects and weather conditions. Pkt. (30 seeds)

Why the tomato mixes?  After growing nearly 500 different kinds of open pollinated tomatoes in the 1980’s and offering separate varieties through “Long Island Seed” before heirlooms were offered by other seed companies; the greatest satisfaction was not the huge variety of individual kinds we sent out (which we hand raised on the Conklin Farm in Watermill, NY) but in offering gardeners mixed seed and getting the responses from so many who discovered something special that they would never have discovered on their own.  A customer in Maine found in the Beefsteak Mix a huge tomato that matured earlier than any other tomato in his garden.  A Texas gardener found a plum tomato in one of the blends that yielded hundreds of ideal canning tomatoes in a hot and dry summer where most of her favorite types failed.  This is the philosophy of mixes.  It’s your ability to conduct an extensive tomato trial in your garden with little effort or cost in order to find out what works best for you.  There are now many sources of tomato cultivars and if you are a collector, you probably know some good sources (such as  Nowadays the LI Seed Project showcases the breeding work of others and continues to work on tomatoes in groupings that are grown to cross and become more diverse so that you can select your best...and then save the seed of it (as simple as squeezing a few seeds from the tomato onto a paper napkin; allowing it to dry for a few days then roll it up, store in a plastic sandwich bag with your description of it for planting next year).

Actually, there are a few kinds from the old Long Island Seed Company that have become lost in the last decade and are just too good to see not grown.  We hope to resurrect these old seeds and reintroduce them as separate varieties through this project in the future (I guess once a collector...always a collector).

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