Solanaceae: peppers


Family: Solanaceae (The Nightshade family)

SOLENACEA FAMILY (Eggplant, Pepper, Tomato, Tomatillo )

Pepper (Capsicum annuum)

Selection-  Magyar (Sweet)

These are yellow or light green, ripening to red.  All mild to sweet.  Productive and vigorous peppers that originally come from Eastern Europe and are good for early yields of pickling, frying or salad.  We have selected a small productive form.  Developed at Flanders Bay Farm from a de-hybridization project.  Still some variability in this little cubanelle kind.   Pkt. (15 seeds)


Selection- Purple Bullhorn (Mild)

This is a kind of bull horn pepper, slightly creased but long and wide.  A good producer developed from an Asian hybrid kind which was a kind of hot pepper.  This selection shows some variation but unlike it’s parent is generally sweet and mild, some mature peppers may reveal a bit of spice or “smokiness”.  A culinary giant.  Turns green to purple to red.  From the Long Island Seed Project.  Pkt. (20 seeds)

BLEND- Sweet Pepper Blend (Sweet)

An amazing blend of many kinds of sweet peppers; bells, fryers, salad kinds.  We have dozens of different kinds in our seed bank.  Diversity without the heat.  A packet of the Hot Pepper Blend along with this one will give you about 40 different kinds of peppers! Pkt. (30 seeds)

BLEND- Hot Pepper Blend (Hot)

A very diverse mixture of dozens (yes, dozens) of varieties from our seed bank; some common, and some quite rare.  Often, each seed in the packet will produce a different variety  (every seed counts).  You'll enjoy the variety as you sample the flavors and explore new uses.  Remember to let a fruit completely ripen on the plants that you like the best so that you can save the seeds of the varieties that you enjoy.  Pkt.  (30 seeds)

BLEND- Bell Pepper Mix (Sweet)

Mostly medium to large green to orange, yellow or red bell shapes, sweet. We were hoping for more diversity in sweet bell peppers but the grow out of many of our seeds was foiled by our neighborhood deer; nevertheless there will be a few orange, purples and browns in the mix of greens, reds and yellows. Pretty standard stuff here.   Pkt. (30 seeds)

Selection- Little Green Bell (Sweet)

Dark green bell pepper ripens to red on a low sprawling productive bush.  We found this to be a stand out from the rest of our experimental sweet bells in many ways including disease resistance.  It matures early and has proven disease resistant in our plots.  Still some variability. Selected at Flanders Bay Farm from a mass growout of F2’s.   (15 seeds)

CV- Sweet Hungarian Wax (Sweet)

This is a productive pepper that bears attractive green to yellow to red banana peppers that are favored for pickling but are fine in salads, fried or grilled.  The original “Sweet Banana” pepper.  Pkt. (30 seeds)

CV- Hot Hungarian Wax (Hot)

Aka  Yellow Banana.  Medium sized, waxy yellow pepper up to 6" long. Flavor is quite good when eaten in its ripe yellow state. The Hot Hungarian is mildly hot in taste. Pkt. (30 seeds)


CV- Sweet Chocolate (Sweet)

Always a success at Flanders Bay Farm is this small early and productive elongate bell that changes from green to brown and develops a terrific flavor at maturity.  Developed at the University of  New Hampshire breeder Elwyn Meader who was responsible for quite a number of interesting and historic varieties well suited  to gardeners in zone 6 and 7.   Pkt. (30 seeds)

CV- Padron (Hot)

This pepper impressed all of us with it’s high yields toward the end of the season.  It is hot when ripe but when green it is less so and is a great grilling or frying pepper. Pkt. (20 seeds)

BLEND- Sweet Italian Frying Pepper Blend (Sweet)

These are used mostly as frying peppers, walls are thin to moderately thick and consist of many long kinds that are dark green and ripen to red.  If any heat, it will be very mild, less than 600 scoville units. Many very sweet, fruity and flavorful especially at te red ripe stage. Pkt. (30 seeds)

BLEND- Bull Nose Types (Sweet)

Thin, flavorful frying pepper similar to our Sweet Italian Frying Pepper except wider, more like an elongate bell pepper resembling the Marconi Peppers.  Green to red.   Pkt. (30 seeds)

BLEND- Hot Italian Frying Blend (Hot)

We have allowed these varieties to cross with one another and then add more varieties as we find them.  All are long, somewhat skinny (under 2"), smooth or wrinkled and generally have moderate flesh thickness which is ideal for making fried peppers quickly.  We like hot fried peppers in sauces, on pizza, in omelets, with sausage and onions. Find your own special strain that produces the best for you in the seed blend we provide for you.  Pkt. (30 seeds)

CV- Chili Japonica (Mild)

Our original seed came from Korean-American farmer friends, Kwan and Nivia but they are also favored in Japan for frying in the tempura style, we have since found more diverse lines. We like these pan seared (especially on the outdoor grill) with olive oil until the skin begins to brown, salted and then eaten whole by holding the stem.  Friends can't get enough.  Thin fleshed, moderately ribbed and shaped like a stubby finger.  Sweet to mild- spicy, some variability.  Used young in green stage. Pkt. (20 seeds)

Selection- Sweet Cherry (Sweet)

Small plants bear a multitude of thick walled 1” sweet dark green cherry peppers which ripen to bright red.  Good pickling, great stuffed peppers, fine sliced fresh into salads. Pkt.  (20 seeds)

Selection- Little Red Cherry Pepper (Hot)

Attracive, productive, hot and small, 1/2 inch.  Seedy. Favored for hot dark green to red cherry peppers that are often pickled.    Pkt. (20 seeds)


  BLEND- Cayenne Color Blend (Hot)

Just long, skinny cayenne peppers of a number of varieties, each which ripen from green to one of these colors:  yellow, red, or orange.  This blend creates an attractive display in the garden or on your farm-stand.  Expect variation in plant habit and days to maturity. Really beautiful but matures a bit late. Pkt. 20 seeds)

Cayenne Separates:

CV- Red Cayenne

CV- Orange Cayenne

CV- Yellow Cayenne

Each of the above Pkt. (20 seeds)

Selection- Early Dwarf Cayenne (Hot)

The very short plants (8") produce many long narrow flavorful and medium hot red cayenne type peppers which average 4" and often touch the ground as they mature.  The earliest of the cayenne-type peppers.  This is a de-hybridization of an Asian variety and one of our projects.  (20 seeds)

BLEND- New Mexico Chili Peppers (Hot)

Large traditional chili peppers, usually ripen to red.  Some other colors have been developed by New Mexico State University that have the traditional wide and long tapered shape and we try to include some seed of those in this mix.  Includes a full range of flavor and heat in red chili peppers from mild to very hot. Pkt. (30 seeds)

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CV- Pico de Gallo (Hot)

Tall bushy plants  to 24" produce many thin 1 inch hanging green fruit ripening to red.  Bears rather late. The fruit is very hot and aromatic. Collected and introduced by Native Seed Search, Tucson, AZ.  Pkt. (20 seeds)

CV- Bird Tree (Hot)

Upright growth develops into a bush up to 4 ft high after several years in a greenhouse or in the tropics.  These will bear as smaller plants in the first year.  A smaller,  thinner red bird type pepper like a miniature Pico de Gallo.  Very hot, nice for making hot chili oil.  Pkt. (20 seeds)

Selection- Hotcha (Hot)

An earlier and better performing Jalopeno type pepper for the north; similar flavor and use. A LI Seed Project Selection (20 seeds)


Selection- Chacha (Sweet)

A sweet variation of Hotcha.   A LI Seed Project Selection Pkt (20 seeds)

CV- Chicken Claw (Hot)

Clusters of small thin candle-like peppers stick upward at the terminus of each stem, red fruit at maturity. Pkt. (20 seeds)

Pepper (Capsicum annuum or C. chinense or other species of spice pepper)

  CV- Suave Red ( Capsicum chinense x) (Sweet)

A beautiful thin walled lantern shaped pepper with very little heat but a wonderful fruity aroma and flavor.  Ripens to bright red 2" semi bell shape with slight crease or wrinkle.  This is a late bearing pepper (similar to other habanero types) so it requires an early start or a long season.  One of our favorites to freeze and crumble into chili, stews, sauces and stir fry.  The taste of the habanero but with little of the heat. Wonderful warm, fragrant and flavorful in a bright red color.  From the University of New Mexico. Pkt. (20 seeds)

Mix- Suave Red and Suave Orange (Sweet)

Beautiful thin walled lantern shaped pepper with very little heat but a wonderful fruity aroma and flavor.  Semi bell to bonnet shaped with slight crease or wrinkle in green to red and green to orange.  This is a late bearing pepper (similar to other habanero types) so it requires an early start or a long season.  Pkt. (15 seeds)

CV- Cheiro Red ( Capsicum chinense x) (Mild)

Good looking, small 1 inch oval (not cherry shape) peppers mature bright red, very mild, fragrant, fruity and thick flesh.  Hot interior. Needs an early start since it bears only toward the end of the season here in zone 7.  A winning culinary variety for excellent flavor.  Pkt.  (10 seeds)

  BLEND- Habanero Type Blend (Capsicum chinense) (Hot)

A very diverse mixture of caribbean type peppers used in making flavorful sauces.  These are thin fleshed and wrinkled.  Here there are variations of scotch bonnet, habanero and savinia types.  Many colors and shapes, some variety in flavor but mostly just very, very hot. Pkt. (30 seeds)

  CV-Lemon aka Limon Hot Pepper (Capsicum baccatum) (Hot)

Branching bush to 24". loaded late in season with many green to bright yellow 2" long peppers which are very hot but have citrus overtones. Pkt. (20 seeds)

Decorative or Ornamental Peppers (also used in seasoning)

BLEND- Purple Mix (Hot)

If you enjoy ornamental hot purple peppers of various shapes and sizes, some with purple foliage, this is a nice moderately diverse assortment from our collection.  Ripen to red.  Sure, they are edible, some are mild; others hot, but mostly used as an attractive accent in beds, planters or potted plants.  Not grown in isolation; should show good diversity. Pkt. (20 seeds)

CV- Purple Pequin (Hot)

Tall purple foliage plant with small dark purple fruit that turn bright red when mature. Hot. Pkt. (20 seeds)

  CV- Numex Twilight (Hot)

Very hot pequin-type pepper.  Bright green foliage with small 1/2 inch sized purple to yellow and orange, then red fruit.  Very ornamental 16" plants.  Could do very well in a large planter with other plants.  Developed at the University of New Mexico. (20 seeds)

  CV- Purple Szechwan Hot Pepper (Hot)

Hot light lavender ripens to deep purple then red at maturity ornamental pepper.  Long, upright peppers are about half as long as a cayenne. Tall 20" bushes. Pkt. (20 seeds)

  CV- NuMex Centennial (Hot)

Very pretty little plants with upward facing cones of light lavender-blue, ripens red, height only 10" or so.  Pkt. (20 seeds)

CV- Purple Foliage Hot Pepper (Hot)

Dark bronze to purple foliage is dramatic and especially ornamental when purple fruit turns bright red, good container specimen. Pkt. (20 seeds)

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