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Family:  Lamiaceae (mint family)

Basil (Ocimum basilicum)

HERB-  Basil Blend

An impressive assortment of a dozen basils with surprising scents,  flavors and growth forms.  The Italian pesto kinds and other culinary favorites predominate but there will also be those with citrus undertones and very spicy indian and asian kinds. Pkt. (100 seeds)

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Family:  Malvaceae (The Mallow Family)

Okra (Abelmoschus esculentus)

    BLEND- Northern Okra Mix

This summer our okra patch was nothing less than extrordinary.  We didn't have a problem producing bumper crops even with the classic southern green heirlooms and red fruited kinds.  This is exciting since we were able to produce an intentional mass cross of a dozen varieties including very early Asian varieties.  This mix should provide ample genetics for new developments. Pretty mallow flowers. Pkt. (40 seeds)

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Family: Martyniaceae

DEVILS CLAW (Unicorn Plant, Martynia)  Proboscidea louisianica

CV- Devil's Claw var. Piaute

This is a large podded, white seeded type which dries to produce a tough fibrous capsule used as a basket fiber by native crafts people.  The capsule splits with two prominant prongs (the legs of the bird).  The prongs are adapted for the capture of hoofed animals which they hitch a ride with and therefore spread the seed far and wide.  Inside are large white seeds which are edible.  The immature green pods are also used pickled by some Indian tribes of the southwest U.S.  Pkt. (20 seeds)


Family: Pedaliaceae

Sesamum indicum

Mass Cross: Sesame Seed

This is an assortment of commercial sesame varieties we trialed in 2008 and 2009 which includes white, tan and black seeded kinds.  They require a long growing season (130 days) to produce seed.  There will be more tan seed in this mix since “Early Tan Seed” produced the best on Flanders Bay Farm. Pkt. (30 seeds)


Breadseed Poppy:  Papaver somniferum

Selection- Breadseed Poppy

pretty flowers, seeds used in baking. Pkt. (50 seeds)


Updated: 2-10


Basil Seed, Okra Seed, Martynia, Sesame Seed, Breadseed Poppy