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Pumpkins (various species)

Pumpkin- C. Maxima

BLEND-  Medium Pumpkins: Maxima Mix

A blend of F1 and F2 hybrids between several maxima pumpkins that will produce pumpkins of various sizes, small to medium size, and varying degrees of roundness;  round whites as well as some interesting off kinds such as grays and salmons. Parents are known for their good baking quality. Pkt. (15 seeds)

BREEDING CHALLENGE: To produce a more varied and colorful Turks Turban Mix in the same size range as the heirloom and with outstanding baking quality.

Turks Turban Mix-

Ornamental, large orange squash with buttons of white often streaked with green.  Very pretty buttercup like squash with only fair eating quality.  We crossed our Turk's Turban in to our small white maxima pumpkins and also crossed them with outstanding kabocha kinds.  If you see an especially exciting cross that differs from the usual Turk's you should save the seed.  We would appreciate it if you would send us a picture and a few seed. Pkt. (15 seeds)

  CV- Rouge Vif d'Etampes

Large 10-15# bright red-orange smooth, flattened cheese shape pumpkin, sometimes called the Cinderella Pumpkin, edible orange flesh. Pkt. (20 seeds)

F1 CROSS- Rouge Vif d'Etampes x Essex Hubbard  (10 seeds)

Pumpkin- C. Moschata

Cheese Pumplins

Mass Cross- Cheese Pumpkin Mass Cross (Featured for 2010)

This is a new project we embarked on this past summer when we allowed several breeding lines of Cheese Pumpkins to cross.  Included are various sizes, mostly tan kinds including American heirlooms, the South America Calabazza, little Japanese Cheese and the French Cheese types.  All round and flattened cheese shapes and all great pie pumpkins.  Terrific material to start your own breeding program.  These will be a blend of OP's and F1 hybrids.  Pkt. (30 seeds)


Selection- Small LI Cheese

We selected the smaller cheese pumpkins from a LI Cheese Mix. Pkt.  (10 seeds)

Selection- Large LI Cheese

We selected the larger cheese pumpkins from a LI Cheese Mix.  Pkt. (10 seeds)

Selection- Milk Cheese Pumpkin

selected from those cheese pumpkins that have a splash of white across the generally uniform tan skin. Pkt. (10 seeds)

Mixed Selections-French Cheese aka Fairytale, Muscade de Provence

prominent ribbing developed from French parents.  This selection matures to a solid tan with chestnut overtones. Pkt. (15 seeds)

CV- Long Island Cheese

Somewhat variable but selected for medium large size fruit with shallow to moderate ribbing, light tan skin.  Although of good quality for pies, most people enjoy these as a decorative fall squash.  Developed as a commercial variety from a number of farm selections obtained on Long Island many years after the cheese pumpkin was dropped from commerce and farmers had begun to make their own selections.   Pkt. (20 seeds)

Pumpkin- C. Pepo

Naked Seed Pumpkins

MASS CROSS- Naked Seed Pumpkin Blend (Featured for 2010)

This is a very experimental blend and also very diverse from the breeding program at Flanders Bay Farm where we maintain over a dozen breeding lines of naked seed pumpkins.  The size of these pumpkins vary from less than a pound to more than ten pounds with green stripes like Styrian to solid orange and with variable flesh types, mostly inedible.  The seed is varied in size and also from being completely free of seed shell testa to various degrees of reduced testa.  The seeds are a wonderful snack.  Pkt. (20 seeds)

Selection-  Little Greenseed

This stout-handled little pumpkin has Baby Pam in it's pedigree.  The 2-3 pound pumpkins have light orange flecked skin which is tough and resistant to fruit rotting.  The interior is loaded with edible hulless seeds which are green in color and fine raw or heated in a frying pan until they plump.  "Little Greenseed" will show some diversity which makes it ideal as a source for your own breeding projects.  Developed at Flanders Bay Farm. Pkt. (10 seeds)


CV-Triple Treat

Larger solid orange pumpkin with high quality pale graygreen semi-naked seed in a medium orange pumpkin. Pkt. (20 seeds)


Pumpkin- striped orange and green medium sized pumpkins with seed without residual testa, high quality black-green seed. Sorry, not available

web sources on naked seed pumpkins:

Pumpkin- C. Pepo

Miniature Ornamental Edible

BLEND-  Ornamental Edible Miniatures  (Featured for 2010)

A blend of F2's and F3's from liseed project selfed to begin developing stabilized varieties in the future.  Long Island Seed Project has been working several years to produce a very diverse mixture of miniature pumpkins under a pound each.  While they tend to be larger than Baby Boo and resemble Jack-Be-Little.  All edible, some very sweet and "choice".  You will have to select for the characteristics you find most pleasing.  Expect some oddities and off kinds. Pkt. (20 seeds)


All of the following ornamental edible selections are still undergoing stabilization and will not come true and are offered to breeders as a source of the described genetics:

Selection- OE Green and White

Selection- OE Green Stripe on Tan

Selection- OE Orange with Dark Orange Flecks

Selection- OE Yellow and White

Selection- OE Yellow on Cream

Selection- OE Orange on Cream

Selection- OE Orange on Yellow

Selection- OE Green and Orange on Cream

Selection- OE Orange on Gold with Green Flecks

Selection- OE Solid Gold

Selection- OE Solid Orange (Jack Be Little Type)

Selection- OE Solid Green

Selection- OE Dark Orange Stripes on Orange

Selection- Baby Boo PVP White (commercial seed)

All of the above selections are available (10 seeds)

Blend- Cream, Yellow and Gold

Our new line of ornamental edibles produce small generally sweet miniature pumpkins in pastel shades of cream, orange and yellow.  The vines tend to be very long and produce larger quantities of fruit than others.  The fruit have a “rounded-squat” shape unlike the Ornamental Edibles.  There is apt to be many off kinds though since this blend is far from being stabilized.  We cannot offer separate colors of this new group. Pkt. (20 seeds)

Pumpkin- C. pepo

Orange Halloween Pumpkins

BLEND- Halloween Pumpkin Mix

These pepo pumpkins include our orange pumpkin developments below (all sizes).  This is a project we embarked on to develop fruit with more phythophora resistance. Pkt. (30 seeds)

F1, F2 SELECTIONS- Small Orange Pepo Mix

Round orange pepo Halloween Pumpkins average 5#, but can vary, part of on-going work at Flanders Bay Farm to search for better  long storage qualities. Pkt. (20 seeds)

F1, F2 SELECTIONS- Medium Orange Pepo Mix

Round orange pepo Halloween Pumpkins average 10# but can vary, part of on-going work at Flanders Bay Farm to search for better long storage qualities.   Pkt. (20 seeds)

F1, F2 SELECTIONS- Large Orange Pepo Mix

Round orange pepo Halloween Pumpkins average 15# but can vary, part of on-going work at Flanders Bay Farm to search for better long storage qualities.   Pkt. (20 seeds)

web sources on pumpkins and vining squash:

Pumpkin- C. pepo

White Halloween Pumpkins

CV-Pumpkin- White Pepo aka Cotton Candy

Reintroduced from the USDA seed bank by Rupp Seed Company.  Very nice medium sized pumpkin which is under 10 pounds.  Pkt. (20 seeds).

Mixture- Round White Miniature Pumpkins

A mixture of small and mid-sized white pepo pumpkins should result in some very interesting and novel developments.  These were mostly selfed to start the process of producing stabilized varieties.  Bush and vining characteristics, expect a percentage of oddities. This collection uses White Pepo as one of the parents.  They can be squat to round and pure white or pastels from light pink to light gold and tan. Pkt. (15 seeds)

Pumpkin- C. pepo

Various Halloween Pumpkins

BREEDING CHALLENGE: to develop new round decorative pumpkins that are also edible (as summer or fall squash) and have unique color or markings.

F2  SELECTION- Bumpy Orange Pumpkin

Start with the White Acorn Cross and add a very sweet warty round orange heirloom. We have hopes that this will someday stabilize into a beautiful and unique Halloween Pumpkin. You can help. Save seeds of the best for your next crop. Hard shell; Sweet edible quality. Pkt. (15 seeds).

F2 SELECTION- Tom Fool Pumpkin

A round medium sized dark/light orange striped pumpkin with sweet flesh and long storage capabilities.  Unstable; expect diversity. Pkt. (15 seeds)

F2 SELECTION- Sweet Green

Dark green pumpkin matures with orange highlights.  Very Sweet flesh.  Unstable Sweet Acorn Cross. Pkt. (15 seeds)

BLEND:  Edible Pumpkin/Goulish Mix

Includes: F2 Crosses and all ready to give rise to diversity.  Althought we placed photographs of the F1 parents below, you may not get offspring that bear too much resemblance to the “gouls” in this photograph.  Bumpy Striped Pear, Dark Green Pumpkin, Round Gold, Round Moss Green, Oval Green Stripe, Orange Stripe Pumpkin, Little Orange Stripe Pear, Big Orange Stripe Pear.   Expect the unexpected.  Can be used as a fine sumer squash when immature or a winter squash at maturity since most are sweet with fine flavor.  Pkt.    (20 seeds).

CROSS- Batwing Type

Orange Smooth Pumpkin some with Dark Green “Batwing-like” markings which originated from a cross of the vining summer squash “Gem” and the vining summer squash “Tatume”; there is also “Lemon”, an heirloom bush summer squash in the parentage.  So, keep these picked in the summer for some nice round zucchini and let a few mature for fall decoration! Pkt.  (15 seeds)

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