Cucurbits: cucumbers


Family: Cucurbitaceae (The Melon and Squash Family)

CUCUMBERS (Cucumis sativus)

Cucumber- Kirby (Pickle)

BLEND- Pickle Cucumber Blend

More than a dozen varieties of small kirby size cucumbers used for salads or whole pickles were mass crossed and the results are included in this mixture.  Both white and black spined varieties were used in the cross, all green skin color.  A few new kinds collected recently also added. There is plenty to work with here. Pkt. (30 seeds)

SELECTION- Long Island Pickle

Selected from a mass cross of kirby cucumbers for their excellent performance and flavor at Flanders Bay Farm. Pkt. (30 seeds)

BLEND- Small Vine Cucumber (Patio Mix)

Restrained vines make this an appealing gene pool for patio and container gardeners, short and longer fruit kinds; keep picked for continual production. Vines spread generally less than 24". Pkt. (30 seeds)

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BLEND- Slicing Cucumber Blend

These are medium to large long cucumbers that are mostly used as slicers.  More than a dozen standard sized cukes make up this mixture.  Mostly American slicers such as Marketmore types.  We are also including some heirloom/hybrid crosses and american/mideastern crosses that we made and are excited about.  These are fine for ground culture especially with drip irrigation.  White and black spine types. Pkt. (30 seeds)

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Cucumber Slicing- Asian

BLEND-Long Fruit Cucumber (Asian Blend)

Sweet and crisp (when freshly harvested) longer and thinner fruited cucumbers.  These have been developed in Japan, China, Korea and southeast Asia.  Thin skins make fruits easy to digest.  They are deep green to pale green to white in color.  In Asia, cucumbers are mostly trellised to conserve space and produce straight fruit.  Included are asian-american crosses selected for longer than average length fruit; tender and sweetness without bitterness. Some interesting genetics in one packet. Pkt. (20 seeds)

Cucumber- White

SELECTION- Touch of Gold

Selections from the Cornell cross:  Boothby x Marketmore made to impart greater disease resistance in Boothby, a small creamy white heirloom cuke.  Seed production at Flanders Bay Farm is the result of the Organic Seed Partnership (OSP) which encouraged the development of varieties bred and selected for organic systems.  You may want to eliminate any plants producing non white fruit and select for white cukes (black spine) or harvest the light green- yellowish fruits that sometimes appear and which are quite refreshing. Pkt. (15 seeds)

Selection- White Stallion OP

A long white cucumber that looks a bit like a modern slicing kind only this one has pure white waxy skin. Pkt. (20 seeds)

Cucumber- Melon Cucumber aka Armenian, Yard Long, Serpent Melon- (Cucumis melo var. flexuosus)

Cucumber- Italian Carosello

  BLEND- Carosello Mix

These are the small cukes that are regional specialties in parts of Italy.  They are mostly round to oval shaped, light to dark green and with varying amounts of light fuzziness.  A few resulting from experimental crosses.  Refreshing when harvested at a small size.  These are not cucumbers but are used like cukes.  They will develop a musky fruitiness as they mature and look more like canteloupes which they will cross with (both are C. melo).  Keep carosellos away from your melon patch.  Crossing with each other doesn't benefit either group. Pkt. (20 seeds).

BLEND- Armenian Long Cucumber

Tend to be long fruited, smooth skinned kinds that are moderately ribbed. Good vining kinds that are often trellised to produce straight fruit. Ground culture will result in serpent shaped cucumbers.  Fine quality, mild flesh when harvested young. They require rich soil, plenty of warmth and ample water.  Not particularly diverse.  These are C. melo and will cross with other C. melo species. Pkt. (20 seeds)

Mexican Sour Gherkin (Melothria scabra)

  CV- Mexican Sour Gherkin

This is now the fourth year that we have produced a crop of the tiny grape-sized gherkins.  Tangy and crunchy when they fall to the ground from their vines, a bit sweeter when harvested before drop.  Some folks like these others don't care for the slight bitterness and chewy skins.  We think they're a nice addition to salads along with cherry tomatoes.  Vines are thread-like but grow in a vigorous sprawl over anything they can climb. Pkt. (20 seeds).

Gherkin (Cucumis anguria)

CV- West India Gherkin

Roundish soft spined fruit look a bit like hedgehogs are best an inch or so in size.  They are a curiosity to those who never grew them but were one of the most common pickles a century ago.  Fine fresh eating, even better when pickled whole.  Productive vines sprawl over the ground.  Always a hit at the farmstand.  Easy seed crop to produce and won't cross with melons or cucumbers! Pkt. (30 seeds).

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