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SUMMER SQUASH (Cucurbita pepo)

Squash- Summer- Pepo- Bush

Blend:  Zucchini Bush Mix

Every kind of long bush zucchini from our collection in an assortment of colors and patterns.  Pkt. (30 seeds)

White/Cream/Lime Green Zucchini

CV-Odessa White

One of the most productive of our zucchini; stocky zucchini fruit (more oval than long) which has light creamy green skin. Vigorous bush that becomes more sprawling as it continues to produce. Pkt. (20 seeds)

F2 CROSS/BLEND- White Zucchini Mass Cross

Lebanese or Mid Eastern type squash are pale green, productive, firm and a favorite of many zucchini lovers.  This is a mass cross of a number of hybrid and open pollinated types. Pkt. (15 seeds)

F1, F2 Cross- Long White x Round Yellow F1

generally oval in F1; subsequent generations produce squash which may be white, yellow, green and bicolors and variations in shape. Pkt. (15 seeds)

F2 CROSS/BLEND- Black/Green Zucchini Mass Cross

Mass cross and second generation hand crosses green to dark green (black) zucchini open-pollinated and hybrid disease resistant kinds. You're apt to find enough material here to produce your own fine black zucchini selection. Responses from last years growers indicate that there is disease resistance and excellent vigor but not all will be dark green.   Pkt.  (15 seeds)

F2 CROSS/BLEND- Greyzini Mass Cross

Very early gray to light green speckled squash which has some variation due to parentage. Pkt. (15 seeds)

F2 CROSS/BLEND- Yellow Zucchini Mass Cross

Yellow Hybrid Zucchini x Burpee Golden Zucchini

You may find some excellent zucchini here in subsequent generations; there may also be some characteristics and throwbacks to yellow straightneck/crooknecks. Pkt. (15 seeds)

BLEND- Summer Yellow Squash Mix

Old time straightneck and crooknecks favored in the southern U.S., also some productive yellow zucchini including dark yellows, creamy yellow, a possible minor amount of green will appear since some of these are F2 yellows and have some green ancestry.  Smooth skin and some bumpy especially as they mature.  Mostly bush type growth. Pkt. (15 seeds)

C. pepo

Summer Squash-Zucchini- OSP Series (PM Success x Romanesco)

  SELECTIONS- OSP Sprawling Mix

The best of the sprawling plants from a selection of Cornell Prolific Zucchini (Success PM x Romanesco) crossed with various cream colored, light green and dark green zucchini.  There will be a great variation in fruit color and even shape.  Yellows, light and dark greens as well as creamy whites; solids and stripes will appear.  There is a better than 50% chance that plants in this mix of crosses will have the sprawling characteristic where the main bush extends harvest by sending out one or more long vines.  This trait seems to produce superior flavored squash and extended harvest.  Developed through the Organic Seed Partnership to develop new varieties for organic systems, a collaboration between NOFA-NY and Cornell University. Shows good powdery mildew resistance.  Pkt. (20 seeds)


Information on powdery mildew in cucurbits:

  SELECTIONS- OSP Prolific (Shades of Yellows and Greens)

Vigorous bush with some plants showing a slight sprawling to compact bush habit.  Mostly long pale cream to yellow and green fruits,  light green to chartreuse predominates, solids and stripes;  continuous production through the season if picked.  Grown at Flanders Bay Farm from material provided by Cornell  (Success PM x Romanesco) for the Organic Seed Partnership.  Not at all uniform at this point in the breeding.  Select for zucchini shape, productivity and disease resistance.  Great promise for creating new varieties. Be part of it!   Pkt. (20 seeds)

Breeding Challenge: to develop a stable unique white and yellow striped zucchini with a nice shape and good flavor.

SELECTION-  OSP "Yikes Stripes" Selection

Vigorous bush.  Seed saved from the beautiful yellow and white striped variations of Cornell Prolific (Success PM x Romanesco).  See lower left.  Perhaps you will be successful producing the beautiful white fruit with prominent gold stripes that has become more elusive in recent generations.  See lower right.  This is one selection that I would like to see less diversity in!  If you have a plant producing an outstanding striped pattern, attempt to self it and save the seed!  You can help develop a better selection.  Pkt. (10 seeds)


Blend- OSP Prolific Crosses

The OSP Prolific Squash was crossed with Cocozelle, Dark Green Zucchini, Bianco and Romanesco.  You may find PM resistance and other important traits in this mix.  This is a very diverse collection.  Pkt. (20 seeds).

C. pepo

Summer Squash-Zucchini- OSP Series (PM Caserta x Romanesco)


A very vigorous bush producing beautiful light and dark greens, mostly with striped pattern.  This is a cross of a selection from an unreleased Cornell PM Caserta and Romanesco made for the organic farming community.  Adds powdery mildew resistance and my old favorite Italian squash Caserta (an improved Cocozelle).  A farm-bred line and a result of the Organic Seed Partnership.   Similar striped fruit and higher than average productivity.  Select your best for seed. Very diverse providing lots to work with in your own breeding program. Pkt. (20 seeds)

Blend- OSP Super Caserta Crosses

The OSP Super Caserta was crossed with Cocozelle, OSP Prolific and Grayzini and backcrossed with Romanesco. You may find PM resistance and other important traits in this mix. Pkt. (20 seeds).

Blend-  OSP Super Bianco

Bush habit. This is a cross of Cornell Super Caserta (PM Caserta x Romanesco) with Bianco, a long creamy light green mid-eastern kind of zucchini known for it's fine flavor.  Expect a generation of various greens and stripes with subsequent generations of genetic segregation and interesting whites and creams.  Pkt. (20 seeds)

  1. C.pepo: Zephyr Crosses

  1. Blend:  Zephyr Cross Mixed

  2. We received breeders seeds of a number of summer squash crosses using Johnny’s Selected Seed’s “Zephyr” a bicolored summer squash as one of the parents from Belgium breeder Lieven David’s. These are inspired crosses. The F2’s and F3’s are green, yellow and white zucchini; solid, banded and striped.  There are some unexpected delights visually as well culinary.  One of the most exciting and rather unpredictable developments we grew last year.  Expect diversity.  Pkt. (20 seeds)

C. pepo

Squash- Summer Squash- Pepo- Bush

Round Summer Squash


A complete mix of productive mostly round but also a few oblong zucchini in a variety of colors, light green, dark green and yellow in solid colors and also with mottles, blotches and stripes of contrasting color.  Discover round zucchini beyond Eight Ball.  Market growers should select for better uniformity in shape according to their customer preferences.  Harvest at less than tennis ball size for best quality.  Ping pong sized fruit bring best "gourmet" prices.  Mostly compact to sprawling bush, farm bred at Flanders Bay Farm.  Pkt. (25 seeds)

C. pepo

Squash- Summer Squash- Pepo- Bush

Scallop (Patty Pan) Summer Squash


Mix- Start with bright white, cream, light yellow, dark yellow, dark green, light green scallop squash, cross and select over several years and what do you get- Asteroids!  Includes a wide spectrum of colors.  Most flattened and scalloped but also flat rounded to inflated round kinds.  Use these when they are less than tennis ball size for the best quality.  We continue to refine selections from this blend for release as specific varieties in the future.  Mostly compact to sprawling bush. Pkt. (25 seeds)


Selections- Long Island Dark Green Scallops

There is some diversity to this selection which we think is nice. Pkt. (20 seeds)

Selections- Long Island White Scallops Pkt. (20 seeds)

Selections- Long Island Yellow Scallops Pkt. (20 seeds)

Selection- Asteroid Yellow Stripe. May produce variation in fruit color. Pkt. (10 seeds)

Selection- Asteroid Green Stripe.  May produce variation in fruit color. Pkt. (10 seeds)

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