Cucurbits: fall squash


Fall/ Winter Squash- Various Cucurbita Species

Squash- Winter- C. maxima- Hubbard

MASS CROSS- Small  Hubbard Color Blend

We have been working with smaller Hubbard Squashes in shades of blue-gray, pink-orange and green-black for quite some time.  They should produce the characteristic bumpy football shapes in a magnificent color range.  Select for a fruit weight of 5-7 pounds with football shape.  Many the results of de-hybridizing and crosses.  This has proved to be unstable and variable in size and shape but has resulted in fine flesh characteristics.  Pkt. (20 seeds)



Small Hubbard Separates

-Green/Gray/Blue Mix

-Salmon/Orange/Red Mix

Any separate above (10 seeds)

Squash- Winter- C. maxima- Kabocha Type (Round)

   BLEND- Kabocha Mix

Culinary squash that are  staples in Asia and Austrailia and now quite well known in the U.S. because of Rob Johnson of Johnny's Seeds who introduced many of us to this fine squash and made it better through his breeding efforts.  Slightly flattened round squash in shades of green, gray and orange, mostly buttercup quality with very little or no button or cup (similar to Sweet Mamma).  All small and medium sizes. Pkt.(20 seeds)


Kobocha Separates

Gray/Green Mix

Red/Orange Mix

Either separate above (15 seeds)

Squash- Winter- C. Moschata

Butternut and Neck Pumpkin

F2 CROSS- Ultra F2

The potential to produce huge cylindric light tan butternut-like squash is in this packet.  Expect some variation in fruit since this is second generation.  Sweet solid orange flesh, excellent for pies, soup, roasting.  sorry, not available separately


BLEND-Butternut Blend

We have grown all sorts of butternut and butternut like squash over the years saving seed and crossing varieties.  The result of these crosses as well as cultivars such as Waltham, Baby Butternut and select hybrids are mixed in one packet, new additions from southern Europe round out this mix with additional interesting genetics.  These are our favorites for winter eating.  Pkt. (20 seeds)

CV- Neck Pumpkin Blend

These are large light tan butternut-like squash with a decided crook or neck.  Very decorative and usually quite large.  These have been sold as Tahitian and  Golden Crookneck, believed to be the ancestor of the butternut squash.  We notice some variability in neck pumpkin lines and so we include several so that you have more to work with.  They will produce sweet butternut quality flesh when mature and are quite decorative. Pkt. (20 seeds)

Squash- Winter- C. Pepo

Acorn Squash

Blend- Acorn Gene Pool

Bush and vining kinds, mostly selfs of F2's and F3's and OP's grown out from a mass cross of many breeding lines with the objective of developing stable varieties.  You can get a sense of the variation in this mix from the photo on our Acorn Squash "Rambling". We can provide specific kinds from the photos since we keep lines for each phenotype separate.  Expect a significant percentage of oddities.  Selected for disease resistance, flavor and color. Pkt. (20 seeds).

Acorn Squash:  Separate F2 Selections

-Small Solid Orange Selection.

-Large Solid Orange Selection.

-Yellow or Orange Parents Mixed.

-Mostly Orange with Green patches.

-Dark Solid Green

-Mostly Green with Yellow/Orange patches.

-Green with Orange Stripes large.

-Cream with Moss Green Flecks.

-Solid White


-White with Green Stripes.

-Cream with Green Stripes

All Separates above Pkt. (10 seeds)

Acorn Blend-Solid Colors Mixed (whites, green, yellows and orange) Mixed

Acorn Blend-Splashes and Stripes Mixed

Both of the above Blends Pkt. (15 seeds)

  1. C.pepo

Dumpling Squash

Blend- F2 Dumpling Mix

An assortment of crosses between acorn and the Japanese Dumpling Squash.  Attractive and usually very sweet baking squash. Expect to do some major selection work. Pkt. (10 seeds)

Squash- Winter- C. pepo

Delicata Squash

BLEND- Delicata Squash Mix

Delightful small elongate squash which look a bit like a plump over-ripe cucumber.  They are typically striped white and green perhaps turning tan and orange with age, some variation in color.  They are really very closely related to an acorn squash and you'll notice similarities.  Many kinds here have fruit that matures to have sweet and nutty orange interior which bakes into a very pleasant eating squash.  There are a number of breeding lines included here. Pkt. (20 seeds)

CV- Long Island Delicata-

Not sweet but cooks up nutty and creamy without strings.  This is a very small seeded selection with small fruit and small vines of what used to be called a sweet potato” squash.  Pkt. (10 seeds)

Squash- Winter- C. pepo

Spaghetti Squash

BLEND- Spaghetti Squash

Several breeding lines, all stringy spaghetti squash that can be used  accordingly.  Various sizes, cream, tan and orange skins, oval, smooth and pumpkin-like.  It would be easy to develop from this mix a small ornamental egg shaped gourd for painting (smooth skin) with the added value of a microwavable vegetable spaghetti when the art work is complete.  Included is our "sweet acorn spaghetti F2".  Pkt. (20 seeds)

Some more information about Spaghetti Squash:

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