Seeds from the Long Island Seed Project for 2010

The seed that we offer is quite different from the garden seeds available by most seed vendors because unlike other seed; we distribute genetically diverse seed blends that are primarily used by backyard breeders and others looking for valued characteristics to select for.  In addition we offer new and exciting crosses and selections that you will not see anywhere else.  While much of the seed offered here originates at Flanders Bay Farm or is raised on small farms locally; we accept and distribute seeds from professional as well as “backyard” breeders around the world through an informal exchange or purchase agreement so that you can enjoy a whole new world of variety and hopefully contribute your own new developments to the project someday.

Long Island Seed Project is a volunteer organization working to produce farm-bred seed ecologically on Eastern Long Island, NY as part of a network of breeders, farmers and gardeners and seed producers.  It is clear that in recent years our regional focus has broadened to serve the interests of the organic gardener, small farmer, seed saver and "backyard breeder" wherever you happen to grow plants.  Any grower looking for “diversity” in their seed is welcome to access our seed list. 

Through this web site, our education program and the various projects that we participate in, it is our hope that we can help to make your "growing" experience more rewarding, enjoyable and sustainable. Our web site will provide you with seeds as well as “how to” information on vegetable breeding and seed saving. Although the focus of our work is still primarily to develop and propagate suitable varieties for Long Island (zone 7) and mid Atlantic organic managed soils, we invite others to make inquiries.  In recent years; we have been providing increasing numbers of hobby breeders in the US and around the world with diverse seed blends and partially developed varieties and we are delighted that many gardeners are discovering the rewards of breeding their own vegetables from the seed and guidance that we make available.


This year we have expanded our offerings to include more breeding material from our bank than ever before (including the breeding work of others) and have also made it more affordable to obtain seeds from us with a low cost membership.  We do this to get our seeds off the shelf and out among other breeders and seed savers.  Many professional and backyard breeders have dozens of crosses and selections that stay on their shelves in storage until they are lost without ever being grown and evaluated by others.  If you are a small scale breeder either trade your seeds for ours or inquire to see whether the project is interested in purchasing your seed and let’s get these new developments growing out in the sunshine where they can benefit others! 

Left to right:  “Cornell Sprawling” Zucchini (productive vines and great tasting zukes)

“Edamame Soy Bean Diversity” (growers depend on this gene pool to develop their own regional selections) and “Early Sweetsnack Color Mix” Carrots, a mass cross that you can have fun with now.  Top of page:  “Long Island’s Ornamental Edibles” (sweet, cute and diverse).